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How do i get started?

Click the Signup/Login button or any other button on the Home page and you'll be directed to our app sign up. After signing up, choose your home gym, reserve a time, and go!

How is Gymshare different than the typical big box gyms?

The purpose of Gymshare is to provide a private space to exercise without being in a crowded gym and without having to wait in line for weights. All time slots are reserved so you can feel comfortable knowing that no one will have access to the gym while you're there.

What Are Gymshare's pricing options?

Check out our Pricing page for more info!

Does gymshare have any hidden fees?

NO! Gymshare is committed to only charging you the main membership options without any of the hidden fees that many big box gyms charge (maintenance fees, occasional onboarding fees, cancellation fees).

Does gymshare Require contracts?

For all Gymers (users), Gymshare DOESN'T require any contracts, so you can cancel your membership any time without any penalty or fee.

What's Gymshare's commitment to safety?

All home gyms have to be separate from the home gym owner's living area, with a separate exclusive entrance to access it. All home gyms have a special type of lock, so that all Gymers (users) can each have their own unique code and they can let themselves in and let themselves out without ever interacting with the home gym owner. Finally, all home gyms have cameras inside to ensure the safety of both the Gymer and the home gym owner. Check out our Safety page for more information!

If I want to add someone to my reservation, do they need their own account as well?


How often can I change my partner on the partner pass?

Every 6 months

Still have questions?

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