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Maximizing Success as a Gym Host on Gymshare: Best Practices to Follow

Are you looking to make the most out of listing your gym on Gymshare? Whether you're already Super Gym Host or someone who's just getting started looking to monetize their underutilized gym space, implementing effective strategies can significantly boost your success as a Gym Host on Gymshare. Here are some best practices to help you thrive on the platform:

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Update Your Profile Picture and Bio:

Connecting with Gymers (users) is vital to your success. Allowing them to get to know you personally will help them feel comfortable coming to your home gym.

  1. Update your profile picture. Make sure it clearly shows your face, is warm and welcoming, and includes your family or even a pet if applicable. Professionally taken photos with minimal background distractions are best.

  2. Provide a well-thought out description of you and your family. Include things that can help them relate to you and connecton a personal level. Mentioning sports, teams, or activities that you like and talking about where you grew up or what you’re passionate about are great starting points.

Enhance your Listing:

In order to capture the attention of Gymers, it’s important to have high quality images of your gym, adequate descriptions of the facilities, and the necessary equipment.

  1. Take high quality photos. Make sure everything is clean and orderly in your gym and that you have good lighting. Thefirst picture you select should show as much of the gym as possible to give the Gymers an immediate impression of what is included.

  2. Sell your space in the description. Highlight the main elements that your gym provides and what it’s best suited for. Then focus on what makes your space special or unique, including equipment, location, services, resources, or amenities.

  3. If possible, create a Kid Zone. Gyms who can accommodate parents with young children are often more successful.

Share on Social Media:

The most important way to get people coming to your gym is

sharing your listing on social media.

  1. Make a simple post with photos and links on your various social channels. Provide a brief description of your gym with some photos and a link to your Gymshare listing. Or use your personal referral link; you will earn points for everyone who signs up using it.

  2. Create a Facebook Marketplace listing of your gym and share it to your local groups. For best results, use a short video walkthrough of your gym and include some hashtags like #Gymshare #Gym #Fitness #HomeGym to get more views.

  3. Try listing your gym on other local marketplaces and classified ads that are applicable for your area. The Gymshare team will help set up a Google Business Profile for your gym so it can be found on search engines like Google.

Solicit Ratings and Reviews:

After a Gymer visits your gym, ask for referrals, feedback, and reviews. Other Gymers are more inclined to book when they see positive reviews.

  1. When a new Gymer books your gym for the first time, message them in advance and welcome them to your gym. Let them know that they can reach out to you if they have any questions.

  2. Asking for referrals is a great way to increase awareness. After a Gymer has come a few times, ask if they have friends or family who would be interested in joining.

  3. When people leave feedback on your gym, implement it where possible. When you do, message them back and thank them for the input and let them know you made a change to enhance their experience.

  4. We also provide you with unlimited free Day Passes (normally $5) to your gym. These may come in handy when you're initially starting out. Feel free to give your friends, family, and neighbors a Day Pass for free in exchange for a positive rating and review, that way you'll be able to kickstart your listing in the right direction. Who knows, maybe they too may start paying to use your gym in the end?

Repeat these Best Practices:

Repeat these steps frequently to continue increasing Gymers. Updating your profile and listing should be done any time you make a significant change, like adding new equipment or taking updated photos. Sharing on social media should happen regularly with a marketplace listing every month or two to continue generating awareness. And anytime you have a new Gymer, it’s a good idea to repeat the suggestions for soliciting feedback and reviews from your Gymers.

We have seen consistent success stories come from our Gym Hosts when they have implemented these best practices. So why wait? Start implementing these strategies today and watch your gym listing flourish!

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