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A private gym experience

No crowds

No hassle

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How it works


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It's fast and easy and the best part is that it's completely free to sign up onto our platform


Reserve a gym

With a membership to Gymshare, you can reserve any gym or fitness experience that you want. From home gyms, to pickleball courts, and even to swimming pools! No matter what you are in to, Gymshare has a private gym experience that fits your needs. Reserve any gym you want, wherever you are in the world!



A private gym experience doesn't have to be a lonely experience. Bring a spouse, friend(s), family member(s) to workout with you, or even join a class!

Our commitment to safety

All gyms must have a separate entrance and be separate from the owner's living area

To qualify on our platform, all home gym owners must have their home gyms separate from their living area with a separate and exclusive entrance to access it. You let yourself in, you let yourself out without ever interacting with the home gym owner and without ever walking through their living area to access their gym.

All gyms must have keyless entry and security cameras

Since all gyms are separated from the gym owner's living area with a separate and exclusive entrance to access it from the outside, all gyms have a form of keyless entry. We require this so that the Gymer (user) never has to interact with the gym owner. You let yourself in and let yourself out.

We also require that all gym owners have a camera inside the gym that records whenever there's motion. We require this to ensure the safety of the gym owner and the safety of the Gymer.

All gym owners must pass a national and state background check

As part of our standard protocol, whenever a qualifying home gym owner is chosen, they must pass a background check.

The background check not only checks them from a federal level, but it also checks them over the past seven years in every county they have lived in to see if there is there is anything questionable. So all home gym owners who pass our background checks have been well screened, so you can feel safe and secure.

List your gym

The mission of Gymshare is to make it easier for people to exercise by lowering the barriers that big box gyms have created by providing a private gym experience. When you become a gym owner on our platform, you are contributing to our cause, while earning passive income.



Whitney R. - Spanish Fork, UT

"Gymshare fits my needs because I don’t have a lot of time to workout each day and waiting around for equipment is the worst! Also I’m just getting back into the gym and I just want to focus on my progress and not compare my journey to others."
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